Proposal for traditional  Japanese-Style Salon

Many aspects of Japanese culture are popular and well-known around the world. It’s art and food, and more recently it’s popular culture, music, anime, manga and games. However, these are more often taken outside of the environment and context that gave rise to them.

It is not possible for everyone to travel to Japan to experience the culture first-hand, so I want to create an environment in which guests can experience the soul, culture, and the unique aesthetic and service of an authentic Japanese hair salon.

As well as hair-styling and treatment, traditional Japanese goods, art scrolls, kimono, obi, and non-perishable Japanese food staples.

In addition to the above, workshops would be provided on traditional Japanese culture and arts: tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and how to prepare and cook traditional Japanese food.

I have a deep interest and connection with traditional Japanese culture. My hometown Nara is the original capital city of Japan and neighbour to Kyoto. I grew up in the heart of what most people consider to be the heart of traditional Japanese culture. Outwardly the Salon will reflect how I live my life.  In the simple style of Japanese Zazen.

shampoo £30
Blow £20~

Roots Touch up £70~
High Lights (T-section) £70
Half Head £90
Full Head £110
Toner after £20

Roots touch up £70~130
Toner after £20

Japanease Straightening
Roots touch up £200~
(on quontation)

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